Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review – Worth the Wait?

Due to the unfortunate accident that occurred on set, the third and last sequel of the Maze Runner “The Death Cure” had to be delayed for one more year. But although absence may not have necessarily made the heart grow fonder for most people, diehards of the franchise can revel in the fact that the story has finally come to a close, something fans of Chronicles of Narnia or Divergent were not fortunate enough to experience.

The Death Cure

Our hero is Thomas. He leads a group of resistant fighters at a time when the world has been reduced to a mere wasteland after a disease threatens to wipe out the entire human race. Thomas and the remaining survivors are immune to the disease. Our villains work for an organization called WCKD, which has kidnapped Thomas’s friend alongside other survivors, all in the hopes of finding a cure.

Our heroes are not looking to save the world or to fulfill a particular destiny. Their sole mission is to rescue their friend. The fact that the bad guys are the ones trying to save humanity ( a worthier cause if you choose to look at the bigger picture) is an irony that the audience will find hard to ignore. However, this ethical dilemma affects the entire series and is not exclusive to The Death Cure.

Following the delay, one would have expected this third sequel to at least offer a glimpse into what happened in the last two films. But it dives right into the story as if the audience has just finished watching the previous sequel–The Scorch Trials. It is not much of a deal though since you will pick up on a few plot details as you watch on. However, this approach may render The Death Cure unable to stand on its own.

If the characters had motivations for what they are doing, you won’t find it here. If they evolved and developed throughout the series, you would have to assume they did so in the previous installments since there are no mentions of it here. Simply put, you will have to rely a lot on memory if you’re ever going to connect with these characters emotionally.

Although the plot leaves a lot to be desired, there’s certainly a bit of fun to be had in the film. Some of the action set pieces make for great entertainment much as they may appear unbelievable, and some people might even argue that believability was not something the creators were going for in the first place. The director, Wes Ball, creates fantastic action sequences that breathe some life into this blockbuster. The opening train sequence, especially, will leave many in awe. I won’t be surprised if Ball is picked to direct another franchise in the future.

The action aside, the characters are thin at best. O’Brien’s chemistry with Salazar and Scodelario makes for an interesting love triangle, but that’s it. There’s isn’t much else as far as character development and conflict is concerned. The film uses the characters as cogs in a machine just as WCKD uses the kids to keep humanity alive. They only serve to propel the plot forward. Thomas lacks the humanity and charisma expected of a central protagonist for instance.

If you just suspend your disbelief for long enough, there’s a lot to enjoy, especially for action lovers. The film packs brutal smack-downs, relentless chases, and mind-blowing stunt sequences. But even these may not be enough to save it from its meandering plot and faulty logic. The film is also unnecessarily long. Granted, we should commend it for not splitting the final book into two separate sequels as other literary adaptations have done in the past, but its two hours and twenty minutes feel like two movies packed into one.

The Death Cure was released internationally in South Korea on 18th January. It will also be available on ShowBox LLC. As this sequel hits theaters in the US on the 26th of this month, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: Is the last installment of the Maze Runner series worth the wait? For Die-hard fans of the Maze Runner franchise, this is easily the best of the three sequels. However, anybody else may find it hard to get to the end of this maze.

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